My Huggy Bear

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We love the grocery store, the zoo, the carnival, and even bedtime! Swinging on swings, sliding down slides, riding on rides, and flying kites are all quite nice, but these are just a few of the activities Huggy Bear and I like to do. join Huggy Bear and me, and find out all of the wonderful adventures we can have.

In My Huggy Bear, Gene Legler writes about how much fun everything can be when you have your best friend by your side, and Cynthia Meadows brings these activities to life with colorful and engaging illustrations. Read My Huggy Bear, and discover all of the cool places you can take your own huggy bear!

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TDuckett-minAs I read My Huggy Bear, I was reminded that life is better when someone who truly loves and supports you is part of the journey. The memories we make with family and loved ones are life’s special treasures; they are what truly matter. My Huggy Bear’s beautiful illustrations depict a diverse representation of families, allowing children from all backgrounds to relate to this important story. The book reminds me of my beautiful son, Myles, who still loves his very first blanket. It represents the love we’ve had since the moment we laid eyes on him and will forever have. The love Myles has for that old and tattered blanket is a physical example of the unconditional love and comfort we want him to always feel—even as we, like his blanket, are getting older and a bit tattered.

As the founder of the Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation and proud mother of three, I applaud Gene’s commitment to helping our youth by creating Helping Hands and Caring Hearts of America and donating proceeds from the book to this worthy initiative. He is an example of the capacity we all have to be extraordinary and represents the goodness of our millions of unsung heroes who give to communities in need all across our country.

Sometimes we all need a “Huggy Bear”—someone who will always be there for us. As an adult reading this book, it inspires me to be a Huggy Bear not just for my children but for everyone I have the opportunity to come in contact with.

—Thasunda Brown Duckett
CEO of Chase Auto Finance at JPMorgan Chase
Founder of the Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation (

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